Carling Breakers

Carling Breakers

Carling Technologies is one of the world's largest manufacturers of hydraulic/magnetic and thermal circuit breakers and electrical switches. For over eight decades Carling has been setting the pace in new product design in order to offer innovation of the highest quality.

A full complement of sizes and ratings providing current or voltage sensing are offered as well as a multitude of circuit breaker features including precise time delays, toggle and rocker actuators,Visi-Rocker actuators of two colours to indicate ON or OFF, illuminated actuators, actuator guards, front panel snap-in mountings and rocker panel plugs.

Axon Components is a long standing Carling Technologies distributor with more than 20 years involvement. Here we feature the panel-mounted circuit breakers most suited to a marine electrical environment. We are also able to supply any of Carling’s extensive product range at the most competitive prices. Full details of Carling Technologies products can be found here.

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